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Mevrouw Stay Positive

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In September 2010, the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis was diagnosed at Annelies. It is an incurable auto-imum disorder, where the nerves of the patient are affected. She does not want to be defined by the disease, but how she turns or turns: MS has a hold on her life. Her illness determines what she can do. The only margin she has is to determine how she does it. And she would like to share that with the world.

For this she needed a medium to share her stories and experiences, good and evil, and she ended up with us to start a blog. After a short conversation it became clear that user-friendliness was the central point with a beautiful, rustic but also modern look. The website had to be as simple as possible for both users and Annelies themselves.

Now she can easily share her experience as an MS patient and how her life changed dramatically after the diagnosis. She explains how she looks at life, but also how she enjoys every moment just after her stem cell transplantation.

At the end of 2019, the choice was made to stop blogging temporarily for now.

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