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Fenrir is a student association located in the beautiful city of Bruges. There are 3 important pillars for Fenrir: Self-Development, Study and Booze.

The former is what gives a special touch to Fenrir, the main focus is not only on regular student activities, but also ones self-development.

Unfortunately, being a student comes with some periods of extensive studying. As their catch-line goes “Monkey see is monkey do”, studying together stimulates each other.

The latter does not need much explanation. It is common knowledge that liquor is an important part during any student association’s activities.

Fenrir is a new student association and thus wanted to get themselves out on the Internet. The main goal of the website is to inform the visitors what makes Fenrir unique as from others and to inform its members of upcoming events.

"Now our website is a small pearl on the web"

- Jan 'Scooby' Sabbe, Praeses

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